Saturday, January 12, 2013

Air Bagging a MK6 GLI Red and Gold (Airlift+Ridetech)

A year has passed since we moved in to the new shop and we got a call that Aj had picked up a new toy and was ready to get it on the ground.  Aj's old GTI was the first car I had the opportunity of bagging other than my own. It was a honor to get this chance again to get our hands on another car of his.
The new canvas was a VW MK6 red GLI, paired with his gold finished CCW's Classics this was going to be a looker.
The suspension set-up consist of Airlift slam series struts up front, shortened sway bar end links and Dorbritz Designs sway bar brackets. The rear was set-up using Slam Specialties re-5's along with Dorbritz Designs D-cups and Koni shocks.
Using his old management, the Ridetech Pod was mounted in the spare tire well to keep it discret and out of the way. A pod was then made to hold the E2 controller in the ashtray cubby.
One last cosmetic addition was made to the front upper and lower grilles. The honeycomb was ditched and was replaced with the Hybrid Jetta upper grille. The lower grille took a little bit more modifying. Using a Golf grill and the factory grill as a base, both were fused and blended together to create a one off lower grille.
The simplicity and subtle mods to the car already make it stunning. We can't wait to see where it goes from here.