Monday, December 17, 2012

Air Bagging a Lexus LS460L-Low and Long (AirRex+Accuair E-level)

Doesn't get anymore VIP than a Lexus LS460L.  Fitted with AirRex front and rear struts with optional pillow ball mounts and AccuAir E-level brought this massive car closer to the ground.
The EXO mount by AccuAir allowed mounting of the dual Viair 444 compressors and Vu4 manifold as well as a color matched 5 gallon tank. Polished aluminum hard lines were then used to allow air to flow with in the system.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Air Bagging a Lexus LS430-Silver and Chrome (Airlift+AccuAir)

This big body LS430 was treated with Airlifts New strut for the Lexus model and AccuAir's E-level.
A simple set-up was done in the spare tire well and trunk area keeping it clean and functional.
The controller is easily tucked away in the ashtray compartment allowing for complete access to the controls.
The fenders were also pulled and reworked to accommodate the wide and agressive Image wheels.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Air Bagging a VW MK5 GTI Votex White (Airlift+Ridetech e3)

Finished up another white MK5 GTI recently and there is something so clean about a dumped candy white GTI with a votex kit on oem wheels.
Everything with this set-up was kept discreet and tucked away.