Monday, November 26, 2012

Air Bagging a Honda SI

Bagging the Honda SI FA5 chassis was a little bit of a challenge in the fact that we wanted to make a near bolt in set-up for users to purchase with no major modification.
If you follow the pics close you can se what was modified and required to make this Honda get low.
Starting off with Airlift Universal adjustable dampening struts, the front was mocked up and built to get  the subframe on the ground.
The rear was brought down using a rear modified shorty D-Cup and UA air house II bags. With the lower nipple cut off and a cut out for the fitting the bottom bracket bolted in to place. The top portion was fitted using a short stud that would fit on the a hole drilled out to a 3/8' in the upper nipple.
The air suspension is managed by Accuair's E-Level with control bad and a 4 gallon Chrome Aluminum tank along with copper hard lines, dual Viair 400 compressors.
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picture of fabricated brackets for front struts.
Completed front strut.
Front strut and Accuair E-Level ride height sensor mounted.

Modified Shorty D-cup and UA bag.
far left picture with spring removed. Middle to show what was removed. Far right, close up of what was modified.
Rear Bag bolted in and fitted.
Rear Accuair E-level ride height sensor mounted.

Thanks to D.Tek for the pictures below.


  1. how did you mount the height sensor on the rear driver side?
    i know the gas tank is in the way to mount it.

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