Friday, October 12, 2012

Air Bagging a Lexus LS430 (Accuair E-Level+AirRex)

This super clean LS owned by Will at Futura Designs Brakes was
already on factory air with an aftermarket ASC Data system controller. 
With not being being completely happy with the combination we set out to change the factory air suspension with AirRex's strut and bag combo. Using the Accuair E-level and vu4 manifold, the system  kept the vehicle level much like the OEM set-up. A 5 gallon tank and dual Viair Compressors were used to keep air flow through the system.

Photos taken by D.Tek

Air bagging a MK5 GTI- Evolution ( Accuair+Airlift )

 A challenge is always a good thing, right? Steering away from the normal shows to be harder than it looks. 
After many Mk5 builds it becomes harder and harder to make each set-up unique and different yet keeping to what reflect the customer needs and wants not to mention maintaing a classy look that doesn't seem to be overdone. 
I found myself struggling with what to do with this build. Not so mush the air set-up but incorporating a huge XD12 Alpine sub that takes up a lot of space. Add in the two Alpine amps flanking each side as well as two 3 gallon color matched tanks and it becomes an issue with space real quick. Hidden beneath the tailored look of the components mentioned above are the sub box as well as the Accuair E-Level management with two 400c Viair compressors and three Kinetik batteries.

Here are pics of mainly the install.
Wiring from previous stereo install.