Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Air Bagging an Infinity M35

This was a very simple set-up and install utilizing Universal Air Suspension kit for the Infinity.
Basically a bag over a factory strut combo in the front matched with their upper and lower cup mounts and AH2 bag in the rear. This kit puts it low and the ride is amazing with the combination of factory struts and shocks.
The back end was out fitted with a 4 gallon Aluminum chrome tank and 2 Viair 444c compressors displayed up and out of the way. The Accuair Switchspeed management and manifold were hidden behind the trunk paneling giving off a simple look. The ride height is monitored by a Dakota Digital square gauge placed in the center console as well as the hand held switch speed controller.


  1. Not only that it offers better handling, air suspension give you a hidden advantage on the road. The ability of ride adjustment is just so convenient.

  2. The air suspension provides you with a much better on road driving experience. It looks like you guys did a great job on this M35. Great photography work as well ;)
    - James

  3. Only few people are able to realize how important air suspension kits. As what I can see from these pictures, their concept of value for it is way beyond the norms. Great blog!

  4. I have the same car, a 2006 model and this is pretty much what I'm interested in doing to it. Can't wait! Looks awesome!