Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Air Bagging an Infinity M35

This was a very simple set-up and install utilizing Universal Air Suspension kit for the Infinity.
Basically a bag over a factory strut combo in the front matched with their upper and lower cup mounts and AH2 bag in the rear. This kit puts it low and the ride is amazing with the combination of factory struts and shocks.
The back end was out fitted with a 4 gallon Aluminum chrome tank and 2 Viair 444c compressors displayed up and out of the way. The Accuair Switchspeed management and manifold were hidden behind the trunk paneling giving off a simple look. The ride height is monitored by a Dakota Digital square gauge placed in the center console as well as the hand held switch speed controller.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lexus LS430 - Trunk make over

If you have seen Gio's car you know it's stunning. Pretty much everything down to the small details flows with the car except the trunk.  The initial air set-up was hidden and when shown it looked much like the basement in your house where you kept the door closed and nobody ever went in there, afraid of what they might find.
Well, I had the opportunity to update and make this "basement" shine. The entire system was ripped out and resurfaced with trunk carpet to clean up what was about to go back in. The previous metal floor frame was used to support the 2 new 3 gallon aluminum tanks that were painted and striped to match the interior.  The Accuair management was displayed a little bit more proudly also  on the frame. Most of the airlines and wires were tucked away bringing full focus on the tanks, compressors and management.
The sub box was also updated with discarding the tired 90's look of fleck stone paint and brighten up with the Vanilla paint.
The amp racks were left. The initial install had blue led's to illuminate the plexi glass. The color clashed with the aqua striping used on the car so magic was preformed and viola! We have color matched lighting now that better compliments the car.
The owner has future plans for this car so be on the look out of updated pics and progress.


Picture of Interior for reference to show you the flow in to the trunk.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Air Bagging Audi S5-Black Pearl ( Accuair + Airlift )

Nothing sexier than a roar of an European V8, now put it on the ground with bags and you have a winning combo.
The car rides amazing and performs out standing with the stance now set using Airlift and Accuair.
Starting off with a Audi B6/B7 Kit from Airlift some slight modifications were made to fit the Audi A5/S5 platform. Thanks To Jesse (Formerly with Airlift, now with Accuair) for the insight on what it would take to get this kit to work.
The height adjustment is controlled using Accuair's E-level. Finished with a nickel plated controller, it fits nicely in the console or the drivers lap allowing to adjust ride height on the fly.
The management, 3 gallon tank, and Viair 400c's was mounted in the spare tire and battery compartment using metal brackets that were fabricated to hold everything in it's place.