Friday, December 2, 2011

Air bagging a MK6 Jetta TDI-Under Construction ( Airlift, Accuair, Switchbox)

Maybe the car isn't anymore but one quick glance at the tank and you might think it's under construction.
We wanted to give a working industrial theme to accent the TDi motor lurking under the hood.
The Tank was painted and airbrushed to give a worn metal and used construction piece. It was then hung from the rear deck lid using the Accuair exo mounts.
The dual Viair 400c compressors were then mounted to the side and offset behind the tank giving you a slight peak at them. The Accuair VU4 manifold along with the relays, wiring and airlines were also placed on the rear deck lid right behind the tank, giving complete use of the trunk floor and keeping the spare tire.
The montoring of the system was done with dual needle Airlift gauges mounted in a custom pod made to fit in the coin tray. The tank gauge was then mounted in the center console with the AVS 7 way switch box by its side.
The suspension rest on Airlift front XL's struts and Dorbritz Designs D-Cups shortys brackets( available soon) with Air house II bags. 

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  1. did you have to notch for the tie rod on the passenger side?