Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Air bagging a MK4 GTI-Coffee and Cream (Accuair E-level+Airlift)

" I like my sugar with coffee and cream! "
I don't think the Beastie Boys could have said it any better.
To know Leo and this car when it was originally Silverstone in color, you knew it was hardcore. Leo drove the GTI lower static than most people aired out and with aggressive offsets.
Well that finally did a number on the paint and Leo felt it was time for a color change. The car was completely resprayed in Quicksand color code from Toyota's FJ line. The paint was sprayed out by Pat of Pats Paint Werks in Baytown Texas, near Houston who did an amazing job with the color change. 
Pat's also treated the Image wheels to a respray as well in a BMW Sepang bronze to compliment the fresh creaminess of the paint. 
Once it was done it was time to prevent the paint from getting burnt. Leo opted for the Accuair E-level w/ control pad and manifold. The black anodized control pad was nestled in an abs molded pod fixated where the armrest use to occupy. The air was supplied by using dual Viair 400c filling the dual 3 gallon tanks painted in Toyota's Sandstorm to compliment the exterior of the car. Holding the tanks in place was Accuair EXO mount color matched to the car. Hardlines were then used to tie the two tanks together and painted Sepang Bronze as well. The AN black anodized fittings were then used to offer a tight seal and add contrast to the creamy colors. 
Airlift XL front struts help bring the fenders closer to the tire as well as Airlift performance bags for the rear. One of the obstacles to overcome was allowing the MK4 to still run the Masontech great plates. To do this the rear nipple was cut off and a nut was welded approx. an inch further away from the original mounting point on the frame. The stud in the top bracket was then replaced with a longer threaded rod to reach the nut allowing the bracket to screw in place. This allowed proper alignment and clearance for the sleeve style bag.
This was the last build of the year and I think it capped off an amazing year of builds.

Photos by D. Tek


  1. wowza brotha lookin good

  2. Wow really nice car. Wish I had the time and money to bag my girl friend 135i. That would be nice. Cheers!

  3. dope wit the strobes. nice car foo

  4. Sick is all that can be said great work craftsmanship shows