Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Air bagging a MK2-(Switch Speed+ Masontech)

Call it patience or a lack of funds for completing our cars. Only this owner can tell you which one was his. I say this because some of the components and talk about bagging this little MK2 started nearly 2 years ago but I am glad it has finally made the trip from Oklahoma to see it become reality. 
Starting off with the suspension was Masontech front struts and Masontech / Airlift rears that were purchased used but in near new condition helped this car touch down.
 The supply of air to those bags are being delivered by a single Viair 480c compressor and a 5 gallon aluminum tank that was color matched Alpine white.
Inside, the controls of the management were used with a Accuair Switch Speed and Dakota Digital gauge. The units were placed in the center console where a cubby, 12 volt outlet and ashtray once occupied.  The 12 volt outlet was relocated underneath for use and the panel was made to flush mount the Switch Speed and house the gauge for easy monitoring.


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