Monday, October 31, 2011

Wheels-Brushed O.Z. Futuras

Well, we have been working hard here lately and it was time to get to one of our own, Joel's wheels.
The wheels started with a white powder coated to the face which did not jive with Joel nor the Silverstone MK4 they were going on. The wheels were soda blasted in house and then we tried our hand at a brushed technique. Once we got to the desired look we were going after we mixed up a concoction of clear with a hint of black and Silverstone paint to tint the clear. It helped bring out the brushed strokes in the aluminum and had a bit of sparkle when the light hit it just right. The final step was tumbling the bolts and stripping the zinc coating off and polishing them and the lips out. 
We hope you like the outcome, I know Joel does.


  1. amazing always wanted to see these brushed

  2. It helped bring out the brushed strokes in the aluminum and had a bit of sparkle when the light hit it just right.Great refurbishement steps.