Friday, October 7, 2011

Air Bagging a Mk4 GTI- Paddles and Podi

Simple yet effective, the car was bagged using basic parts and supplies with the exception of Podi's *new* digital air monitoring gauges.
Starting off with Airlifts 5 gallon fat boy tank, it was quickly realized that it would need to be modified to fit in the spare tire well to keep a discrete look in the back.
The mounting feet were cut off and modified then the tank was clocked just enough for the fittings to fit underneath the floor. The new mounting feet were then welded into place. The spare wheel well was carpeted to give a finished and clean look for what was to come. Mounting the modified tank in its' place followed by the supplied Viair 380c was all that was needed to showcase the air supply. The tank gauge was mounted up on the side to give a quick check on the system if need be.
Next, the paddle valves were mounted in what was the ashtray to give quick and easy use to the manual paddle valves. Tied into the system was the pressure sensors for the Podi digital gauges; mounting all 4 senders to a panel to hold them in place.
The gauges were then placed above the radio in the single DIN spot for keeping the driver informed.
Airlift supplied the Ups and Downs with their Xl's series in the front and rear. And Finally a c-notch was performed to accommodate the passenger side axle when laying down.

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