Monday, October 17, 2011

Air bag build on a BMW E28 5 series

Stage 1
This build was put together for the car's debute at an upcoming show. Needless to say we were under the gun. Started off using the Airlift universal air strut kits; then we chose to use a double bellow bag set-up for the front with 9 way ride dampening.  For the rear we used a chapman sleeve style shock set up also with 9 way adjustable dampening.
The front was measured and trimmed down to the desired height. After cutting the factory strut off the spindle, the new assembly was then welded on. The top mounting plate starts out with an oversized piece of metal that needs to be cut down to fit the upper strut towers.  Once this was done the holes were drilled and the supplied studs were pressed in. 
The rear was much like the front. The only difference was using the supplied shock mount and pressing in the needed bushing. The upper plate was made just like the front mount.
The system is controlled as of right now using paddle valves, 5 gallon fat tank with dual 444c Viair compressors. For stage 2, the only thing that will remain is the compressors.  This was just to get the car to the show so stayed tuned for part 2.

Photo documentation and Credit: D.TEK

Stage 2
I am a little late updating this but earlier this summer we finally had a chance to get our hands back into Rob's E28 and finish the air build.
Adding to the system was Accuair's E-level rocker switch control system paired with their EXO mount.
The EXO system was painted gloss black and the 3 and 5 gallon aluminum tanks were polished out to a mirror shine.

Thanks to Matt Dobre for the photos.


  1. Damn,nice setup.
    looking really good.

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  3. Were did you find the bags for the car

  4. We can supply them for you. Email me at

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  7. Wow, this is really cool. I wonder if I should change to air suspensions?

  8. I can't wait for more of your updates. Worth recommending. Thanks!

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