Monday, October 31, 2011

Wheels-Brushed O.Z. Futuras

Well, we have been working hard here lately and it was time to get to one of our own, Joel's wheels.
The wheels started with a white powder coated to the face which did not jive with Joel nor the Silverstone MK4 they were going on. The wheels were soda blasted in house and then we tried our hand at a brushed technique. Once we got to the desired look we were going after we mixed up a concoction of clear with a hint of black and Silverstone paint to tint the clear. It helped bring out the brushed strokes in the aluminum and had a bit of sparkle when the light hit it just right. The final step was tumbling the bolts and stripping the zinc coating off and polishing them and the lips out. 
We hope you like the outcome, I know Joel does.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Air bagging a MK5 Jetta-(Accuair Switchspeed+Airlift)

Started with the Accuair switch speed controller which was placed in the Dorbritz Designs console mount. This particular mount was customized to accommodate the Dakota Digital gauge. The Accuiar VU4 manifold and brain were then mounted in the trunk on the passenger side compartment to be displayed so you know what makes this car go up and down. The air system was supplied via dual Viar 444c compressor and Accuair dual 3 gallon aluminum tank which were brushed and painted in a tinted clear. Finished off the look with 3/8"s copper tubing. The front struts are Airlift XL's and rear is fitted with Dorbritz Designs D-cup rear brackets and UA air House II bags.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Air bag build on a BMW E28 5 series

Stage 1
This build was put together for the car's debute at an upcoming show. Needless to say we were under the gun. Started off using the Airlift universal air strut kits; then we chose to use a double bellow bag set-up for the front with 9 way ride dampening.  For the rear we used a chapman sleeve style shock set up also with 9 way adjustable dampening.
The front was measured and trimmed down to the desired height. After cutting the factory strut off the spindle, the new assembly was then welded on. The top mounting plate starts out with an oversized piece of metal that needs to be cut down to fit the upper strut towers.  Once this was done the holes were drilled and the supplied studs were pressed in. 
The rear was much like the front. The only difference was using the supplied shock mount and pressing in the needed bushing. The upper plate was made just like the front mount.
The system is controlled as of right now using paddle valves, 5 gallon fat tank with dual 444c Viair compressors. For stage 2, the only thing that will remain is the compressors.  This was just to get the car to the show so stayed tuned for part 2.

Photo documentation and Credit: D.TEK

Stage 2
I am a little late updating this but earlier this summer we finally had a chance to get our hands back into Rob's E28 and finish the air build.
Adding to the system was Accuair's E-level rocker switch control system paired with their EXO mount.
The EXO system was painted gloss black and the 3 and 5 gallon aluminum tanks were polished out to a mirror shine.

Thanks to Matt Dobre for the photos.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Air Bagging a Mk4 GTI- Paddles and Podi

Simple yet effective, the car was bagged using basic parts and supplies with the exception of Podi's *new* digital air monitoring gauges.
Starting off with Airlifts 5 gallon fat boy tank, it was quickly realized that it would need to be modified to fit in the spare tire well to keep a discrete look in the back.
The mounting feet were cut off and modified then the tank was clocked just enough for the fittings to fit underneath the floor. The new mounting feet were then welded into place. The spare wheel well was carpeted to give a finished and clean look for what was to come. Mounting the modified tank in its' place followed by the supplied Viair 380c was all that was needed to showcase the air supply. The tank gauge was mounted up on the side to give a quick check on the system if need be.
Next, the paddle valves were mounted in what was the ashtray to give quick and easy use to the manual paddle valves. Tied into the system was the pressure sensors for the Podi digital gauges; mounting all 4 senders to a panel to hold them in place.
The gauges were then placed above the radio in the single DIN spot for keeping the driver informed.
Airlift supplied the Ups and Downs with their Xl's series in the front and rear. And Finally a c-notch was performed to accommodate the passenger side axle when laying down.

Monday, October 3, 2011

•LCA-for Air bags

These rear lower control arms will allow you to get super low with Air House bags, Slam Specialties, Airlift and BagYard rear bags.
They are made of 3/16's plate steel and are powder-coated in a Silver Vein finish.
The set comes with 2 arms, pressed in bushings w/ washers, 2 self taping screws for headlight level arm and optional upper mounting bracket.
Application includes: MK5 Jetta, Gti, Rabbit, MK6 Golf, GTi, Passat B6, CC and Eos.
All products here in are produced for Off Road use only and you assume all risks when using these products. 
None of our products are DOT approved. 
Running any of these parts on your vehicle is done at your own risk.  Any and all products should be installed by a certified technician.
by clicking the buy now button you have read and agreed to the above statement.

A-Arm Options

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