Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Air bagging a MK5 GTI-The Works (Airlift)

I think it's properly titled considering the wheels and the work that was done.
An air install, a sub box and some molding and paint work pretty much sum it up.
The air system is an Airlift Autopilot controller molded into the factory sunglass holder and painted to match. A red gel was placed behind the lens to achieve an OEM red glow. The air is supplied with a 5 gallon skinny aluminum tank that was color matched to the exterior of the car.  It was partially hidden underneath the false floor which also hides the single Viair 380c compressor and the airlift manifolds. Those items are tucked away a little further down to give a clean and simple look. The sub box was designed and built as part of the false floor and houses a 12 in sub.
The suspension components are Airlift Xl's struts for the front and a notch to help the lip sit on the floor. The rear is on a set of Dorbritz Designs D-cups an Slam Specialties re-5's.

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  1. Loved the way you did the work on this one. Its looks are pretty striking!