Monday, July 11, 2011

Air Bagging a MK6 Golf TDI-No Notch ( Airlift + Ridetech E3)

The car that was supposed to be bagged was a Mk4 GLI. In a twist of fates, the car was wrecked and totaled a week prior before it's appointment. The owner was determined to have a car bagged one way or another. What better way than starting off with a brand new TDI Golf.
The most two most important things to the owner was one keeping a very stock look on the inside and retaining the sway bar with out a frame notch.
The suspension set-up was based on the Airlift XL's for the front and the Airlift performance series bag and bracket for the rear. Using the first prototype sway bar mount to be used on the Airlft Xl's, they were mounted on the front strut retaining the sway bar.
The Ridetech E3 management was then mounted in the spare tire area using a 3 Gallon aluminum air tank and dual Viair 400c compressors to supply the air. With all the components mounted snugly the factory cover was used to conceal the set-up with none the wiser.
The E3 controller was mounted on top of the ashtray/coin holder lid. It still allows the use of the 12v power outlet and can be hidden as well by flipping the lid, again, stealth is key.

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