Saturday, July 16, 2011

Air bagging a MK5 .:Ruined (Airlift+E3 Level Pro)

Bagging a .:R?
Isn't that sacrilegious?
The car is .:Ruined now, really.
At least the owner has a sense of humor and and I am sure he will be hearing it from many .:R owners. Although this isn't the first bagged .:R, it was mine and here's how it was done.
The car was fitted with the Ridetech E3 Level Pro to help keep the car true to the road along with the sway bar using the new Dorbritz Designs sway bar brackets for the Airlift front struts. The Leveling arms work in conjunction with pressure sensors to give feedback to the driver. They were trim to fit up front and were mounted to the lower A-arm and upper frame to allow proper travel. The frame was also notched to allow the car to sit flat on its' belly.
The rear was set-up w/ Slam specialties re-5's and D-cups as well as H&R ultra-low shocks. The leveling arms were attached much like the front but by welding on a tab to the lower control arm.
Here comes the tricky part, keeping the spare in the trunk as well as making access to the rear mounted battery and still having some trunk space. By building a custom fiberglass enclosure to hide and house the dual Viair 444c, management, brain and wiring as well as a color match 3 gallon aluminum tank with ".:Ruined" done up in matching spun aluminum trim, we were able to tuck everything away neatly. All wrapped in dark gray suede the trunk was on its' way to having a tailored look.
The controls to the system were mounted on a matching suede panel that was stashed away in the ashtray cubby.  The 12v power outlet was moved to the side of the center console to allow the control to fit snug in the compartment.


  1. I like the pictures with the bagged R32

  2. it's all in the details and you nailed it with the .:r. i was lucky enough to be able to drive it over the weekend and it handled better than stock. it felt like an awd version of a mini cooper. after being a part of a bag install over the weekend, i have total respect for the d-cups, sway tabs, and your ability to make these systems work so flawlessly. <3

  3. Dorbritz DesignsJuly 18, 2011 at 1:23 PM

    Thanks Jake, Means a lot coming from you!

  4. Why is the rear that high? Customer defined?

  5. Any lower and it will have reverse rake. Depends on what look you are going for. :D