Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Air bagging a MK4 Jetta- (Airlift+paddlevalves)

Here is another very simple execution of a bag set-up.
Its starts off using Airlift Xl's in the front and Slam Specialties SS-5's w/D-cups for the rear. A 3 gallon aluminum tank was then mounted on some fabricated brackets to rotate and attach to the top of the deck lid. A pressure switch, schrader valve, and air input and output occupy the 3 ports.
A single Thomas compressor was tucked away on the driver side compartment area behind the carpeted side panel leaving unseen.
The system is the managed using 4 paddle valves located in the ashtray and monitored w/ Airlift Ez-Street dual  needle gauge and a small viair tank gauge.


  1. bagging an automatic jetta? I bet he gets enough shit for it. lol

  2. So you can't bag automatic cars? :P

  3. You can, just shouldn't