Friday, June 17, 2011

Air Bagging a B6 Passat sedan-6ft Under ( Airlift-Analog gauges-7 way switchbox)

Ok, Maybe not 6 ft. under but its low. This vehicle came all the way from Arkansas to get it low.
Starting off with Airlift Xl's and a c-nonth to bring down the front. The rear was done by using Slam Specialties bags and D-cups along with bilstein shocks.
The air is managed with dual Airlift valves, a 5 gallon Aluminum tank painted to match and dual Viair 400c's tucked away in the side cubby's. Keeping as much of the trunk space as possible the valves were mounted behind the tank up along the rear deck lid with all the relays as well. A trim piece was then mounted in front of the tank to hide as much of the exposed components as possible. The compressors on each side are mounted to a wooden platform underneath the carpet giving it a solid base but keeping with a factory appearance.
The Controller was then tucked away in the center console beside the custom made tank gauge mount. The 2 dual needle gauges to monitor ride height were placed in the dash cubby also in custom gauge mount housing the air horn button as well.


  1. wheres the air horn mounted!?

  2. underneath the passenger rear bumper area.

  3. Awesome shots on the vehicle. Credit the photography for the vivid shots. The setup is awesome.

  4. Wow. Great work done on that Passat. This is one of my favorite models from Volkswagen. The photography work here is also great:)