Sunday, April 17, 2011

VW MK4 air set-up trunk upgrade

Some of you might remember the Budget build done a while back ago. The initial set-up was done to show simplicity and keep it budget friendly.  
Well, it was time for an upgrade and redo. This is a perfect way to show you can start simple and build from there. Since the original build, the owner has removed his B.O.C set-up and upgraded to Airlift XL's front struts and now it was time to change the trunk set-up.
The customer built the new frame for the floor and made room for a jack, his spare tire, and a small tool box. We then mounted the JL Audio stealth sub box in the spare tire and flipped it upside down so we would have room for the air tank. The tank was then mounted on a board and hinged so it could be moved up and out of the way to access the spare when needed.
The finishing step was taking the tank and covering it in a spun aluminum vinyl. Capping it off with a  new upper floor covered in Ultra Suede and molded in caps for the tank. The rest of the cargo area and seat backs were treated to the same material.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

•Accuair Controller pod- MK5,MK6, & EOS

Looking for a clean and functional place for your Accuair controller?
Here is a factory looking option that replaces the cup holders in the center console of your VW MK5, MK6 and EOS. Made of molded ABS plastic, it cradles the controller and can be customized to your interior using paint,vinyl or fabric.

Installed, covered in optional black vinyl


* This is a handmade item and built to order.  Please allow 2-3 business day before shipping.

Air bagging a MK6 JSW- Imperial edition ( Accuair )

Are you a Star Wars fan? Do you know the symbol for the Imperial fleet? You will after the end of this build.
If Darth Vader was to drive a car you might think it would be a VW and you would hope it's this
Jetta Sport Wagen (JSW).
I was looking forward to this one knowing the amount of little things that would bring it all together. We will start with the painted pieces, most importantly the tank. 
Using a base coat of United Gray as a start, I was then able to lay down the time consuming Imperial emblems, next a reflex silver was sprayed over. After removing the mask, a House of Kolors Red Apple candy coat was layered over the symbols. Next the JSW was sprayed in a Star Wars font and a final clear coat was added.
The interior trim of the car along with the rear view mirror was also treated with the same technique.
The Trunk build was next which started with ripping out the factory rear cargo panels and making room for the 2 Viair Compressors, one on each side. A layer of Dynomat was put down to help quiet the drone of the 2 compressors. New side panels were then created to conceal the compressors.
Using part of the factory false floor in the JSW, the tank was mounted along with a trim piece to give the rolling floor effect.  All of the Accuair E-level components were stored underneath the false floor as well as the wiring and plumbing.
The Accuiar E-level controller was then placed in the a custom molded plastic pod covered in black vinyl to match the interior. Removing the console to access and remove the cup holder, the new control pod mount was mounted in its' place.
The suspension components consist of Airlift XL's front struts and Slam Specialties re-5 with D-cups. Controlling the ride height, the E-level arms were mounted as well to help this JSW find its' ride height.
 Welcome to the "DARK SIDE"!

*Special thanks to D. Tek for some of the awesome shots of the car

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Air Bagging a VW EOS ( Accuair+Airlift )

Really never expected to bag another Eos other than my own,
This one came all the way from Tennessee.
It's running a Accuair e-level management system along with a 3 gallon aluminum tank that was polished out to compliment the dual Viair 400c compressors. 
The front of the vehicle was brought down using Airlift XL's bag strut and the rear using Slam Specialties re-5's and D-cups.
To control the air the controller was fished through the door and mounted with in arms reach on the lower door panel.