Monday, March 28, 2011

VW MK5 Molded Autopilot controller

Molded Airlift Austopilot controller in a VW MK5 sunglass holder for the over head console.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Air Bagging a B6 Passat sedan- California style (Accuair+Bagyard)

Just got back in town from this build in Sunny SoCal, starting off with a Passat B6 sedan. The customer still wanted trunk space and a spare tire. Instead of building a false floor we started from the original floor height and built up a rolling floor, only increasing in height were needed yet keeping the flow of the back area. The custom painted Mocha Brown tank was partial exposed and the rest of the Accuair e-level management and dual Viair 444c were hidden from plain site.
The controller was then mounted in the custom made cup holder mount that was previously made before the trip. It still allows use of the holders in the euro cup holder as well as concealing the controller when need be.
The level controllers were then mounted in the front by welding two studs for the upper sensor and drilling and tapping the lower arm for the lower mount. The rear was bolted in instead.
Bagyard Supremes w/ sway bar attachment were used to bring the front down and Slam Specialties re-6's and D-cups were used for the rear.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

VW MK5 rear seat delete

The rear seat delete was built in place of the lower seat cushion using 1/2inch mdf and hardboard. The top layer is 2 pieces of hardboard so the spare tire still can be accessed it is finished in factory matched cargo carpet.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Air bagging a MK4 GLI Jetta

So you want your cake and eat it too?
Well, ok.
The customer brought me his MK4 Jetta with a sub box that already had 3 subs along with an amplifier on top and on the back . The goal was to add an airride system to the mix and keep the spare and if possible not loose any more trunk space.
Most of the components for the airride were mounted on a 6 inch wide by 39 inch long plank. This included the 2 Viair 400c Compressors, 2 Airlift manifolds, 80 amp relay, and Dakota digital gauge pressure sending units.
The 2 amps were them moved to the back of the box were all wires and airlines also ran.
A false wall was then created and covered in color matched carpet to hide all the components and exposing just the the subs. 
Using an accuair air tank it was polished out on the right side and masked off and sprayed Lagoona blue to match the car as well as the sub woofer trim rings. The tank was then mounted in front of the false wall and up on the back shelf of the truck moving it up and out of the way. 
The front suspension is riding on UA B.O.C. (bag over coils) and FK's  coilovers and the rear on Slam Specialties re-5 w/ some cut down brackets.
To control the the manifolds a AVS 7 way switchbox was placed up front in near the armrest and a Dakota Digital round gauge was mounted in the cup holder to monitor the tank and bags.
( Round gauge was actually used )

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