Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lupo Air bag build

Well, It was a first for me, I was asked to bag a Lupo from Mexico. It's actually a fox but re badged as a Lupo for south of the Border.
There was a lot of uncertainties when taking on this project like mainly the suspension and what would fit. I took a chance and started with Airlift's XL front and rears for a MK4. I can say I got lucky for the most part. The struts fit in to the spindle up front but quickly realized the upper mount and bearings were like a MK5 but smaller. I made up some top plates to replace the standard Airlift plates to correct the problem. The rear was much like a MK4 but a little shorter in distance. Using the Airlift rear bag and bracket it worked well, even the upper nipple didn't have to be drilled out for the crush nut like a standard MK4.
Being a smaller plate form with limited space a 3 gallon aluminum tank was used as well as a single Viair 444c compressor.
The tank started off as raw aluminum and was polished out to compliment the chrome compressor. The back area was
pretty scarce form any carpet so a black salt and pepper carpet was added to clean up the look and add some sound deadening form the compressor. A bracket was the built to hold the tank and compressor to the side off the fender well and off the floor so the spare could still be accessed.
A single 1/4 line is feed to the paddle valves and gauges up front. Using a previous DIN mount the gauges were placed in it's spot using ABS plastic for a panel. The paddle switched were the mounted in place were a cubby resided for easy access and use.
Here you can see the size difference between the two.
 New top plate
New top plate mounted
Polished out Tank
Before the install and carpet
Previous DIN mount
Paddle switches
 Before w/ cubby
Paddle switches mounted were cubby use to be.

For fun we were able to test fit some 17" Rotiforms on the car w/et 20 which was a little to aggressive. With the right wheel size and offsett this car will lay out.
I know the owner is looking into 18's as soon as his wheels sell.

As the car sits now on the customers 20"s


  1. Those 17" Rotiform look Sick! Nice job drew!

  2. Where did you buy this kit ? I'm looking for one but couldn't find it.