Friday, February 4, 2011

Air bagging a B6 Passat Wagon

This is long overdue but this one was the first build that was documented and it was my own. This build was done back in August of 2008. The components used was the Airride technologies e2 and the supplied 5 gallon tank along with the Thomas compressors. The original set-up was based off of K/W v2 coilovers with a Universal Air bag for struts. It was replaced a year later with Mastontechs to achieve the final desired stance. Slam Specialties re-6 bag were used as well as some brackets that were cut down to gain desired height. The tank was painted with 1shot paint and a cheesecloth to gain the look of a vintage suitcase. Some water transfer decals were then reproduced and applied to the tank to give a more genuine look.

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