Wednesday, July 21, 2010

R32 VW MK5 smoked taillights

Here is a set of R32 styled smoked taillights. It's been a while since I have done a set and realized I have never posted a pic of them.
Keep in mind we can tint the whole tail light as well, light or as dark as you want.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Air bag build on a VW MK5 GTI

 Here is another build option using BagYard air suspension along with Airride Technologies E3 Managment
The front are the BagYard Bomber series as well as the rear.

A picture of the car before and after

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Air bag build on a VW MK5 JSW

I have to say I really enjoyed the creativity that I got to use in this build. The Jetta Sport Wagon is riding on Bagyard supreme struts up front  and Slam Specialties re-5 bags with Dorbritz Designs D-cups. The management is a Airride Technologies E3 along with dual Viair 400c compressors and dual 2.5 gallon Viair tanks. With this build I'll show more of the trunk set-up than the actual suspension build since it is pretty standard and can be found in previous builds.

The tanks were sanded and painted medium gray metallic, then a mesh was layed over the tanks and was shot with a dark gray metallic paint. I wanted to give the tanks some depth and a crosshatching effect almost like stitching. Once that was dry the "C" mask was layed out and then sprayed with a jet black paint. As a final touch stitching was added to the end caps to give it a finished look. The back of the wagon was then gutted and new side panels were made to hold the tanks. This was done by cutting Masonite board to fit in the original location. A strip of 1/2 MDF was added to the back to give some support to the tank and add some rigidity to the panels. It was then covered with a matching black carpet.
The compressors were mounted on each side behind were the panels would go allowing them to be hidden and bringing full attention to the two tanks. Once the tanks were mounted the management was then mounted in the factory false floor which was modified to accommodate the wiring and lines.
The controller was the mounted to a panel that was made to fit in the factory ashtray/storage location positioned at angle for easy use and monitoring.