Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Badgeless Grill- VW EOS

Started working on a badgeless grill for an VW EOS. Who cares, right? They sell them already. True but the don't make them with out the euro plate and to me it takes away from the clean look that you are trying to accomplish. Plus you get the added benefit of a factory fit and the plastic matching underneath when you pop your hood.

I start with cutting the factory center section out. The grill is two part, one being the black plastic and two being the chrome shield. This is a tedious process and there is no room for error here due to the fact that when you fuse the badgeless in its place its got to be just as snug as the original.

The badgeless bought grill is the also cut out just like the factory but with even a greater need to be perfect as is will mate up the chrome shield and any error will definitely show.

once these to are cut up they are ready to be fused together using a plastic bond agent.

Next we move on to the shield, using part of the purchased grill it's cut out for the notch to be filled were the emblem once went. this too is also fused in and filled with a plastic filler. Once sanded smooth and primed the Grill shield can be painted to match.


  1. Kickass work. Keep it up man :)

  2. very nice, I got my eos also adapted, I have created a closed Grill, vw logo removed from my boot lid, 9 cm lower, dotz wheels and matte black wrapped (European style)
    best regards,

  3. nice, but there seems 2b a badgeless grill direct from vw (for swiss) info from eos-forum.de (in german)