Friday, December 17, 2010

Audi S4- Speaker box and amp rack

Here is a build done on an '04 Audi S4. First installing a Kenwood headunit DNX6960 in the stock location and still utilizing the factory Bose amp and speakers. The chrome trim was retained on the aftermarket dash kit to keep with the factory look. The external base knob was then installed under the armrest where the factory phone would normally plug in. It is fairly hidden but very accessible. A ipod adapter/plug was also installed and is located in the glovebox.
The next thing to do was strip the rear trunk out to start building the custom sub enclosure and amp rack. Using the factory panel to build off it was extended out to accommodate the amp and sub. Once these was formed to the desired shape using poly-fleece and resin it was time to move on to the box and frame. The speaker box was built using MDF front and skeleton ribs to help form the shape. Using Poly-fleece and resin, the basic shape was formed. An additional fiberglass coatings along with more resin gave it strength and denseness. Dynomat was also used on top as well as in the rear quarter fender to help in vibration and sound dampening. The amp frame was built next also using MDF and routed to smooth out the traditions. Once everything was fitted it was time to wrap it in a Micro Suede two tone to match and compliment the interior pieces.

ENJOY! I know the customer will.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Speaker box- '72 Mercedes Benz

Some of you might remember the Bagged '72 Mercedes Benz that was done a few months ago. Well the owner had me come down to Bryan/College Station and build a simple sub box and install and amp as well. Here are a few pics.

Dream Machine Association award

Back in November I was notified that Dorbritz Designs was nominated for an award for best exterior painter. It was event and an award show that was put on by Dream Machine Association highlighting some of the premier shops in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. I am pleased to announce that we took home the top award. I can honestly say it is was truly an honor to even be considered let alone walking away with top honors. Thank you for all of those voted and who have supported this "grass roots company".

Drew Dorbritz
Dorbritz Designs

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wheels- digging for Gold

Finished off in House of Kolor Goldminers Pearl these wheels constantly change color depending on light or angle.

Built not Bought- Coil pack cover

There will be more pieces to follow with this but here is a VW Passat B5 coilback cover painted to look like a n industrial piece.

Rotiform-Engine Cover

Painted gloss black and Silver with a darker ghost silver as the Rotiform logo.
For there Audi A4 B8 Project car.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Air Bagging a '72 Merceds Benz

Well, I have to say that when I was asked to do  this I was a little anxious and stocked at the same time. Taking on the challenge was a great experience and I loved how the project is coming out. I know the owner has future plans from when it leaves my shop to finish up some things and I can't wait to see the progress. The goodies, started out using the Dakota digital odyessey gauge setup in combination with the 2 Airlift manifolds as well as a AVS 7 way controller. Dual Viair 400c compressors and a 5 gallon aluminum tank that was painted to look patina supplied the air. Brushed copper hard lines were also installed and aged as well. The suspension was done with Re-6 Slam Specialties all the way around and custom brackets were made to make fit in both front and rear location. The innerspring pocket was shaved down to allow ample clearance for the front bags. Final touches were used to complete the install like, carpet and custom dash panel for the gauge.A simple stereo was also installed using an Alpine headunit that had IPod capability and access to it was installed in the console in between the window controls. Two sets of speakers were installed, one in the front foot well area and a set in on the back deck.