Sunday, October 18, 2009

Air bagging a VW MK3

Here is a bagged mk3 that was just done last week with a list of components and materials that were used.

A lot of ptc fittings used for easy of installation.
Then 1/4" line was used through out set-up except from compressors to tank were 3/8" line was used.
4 Masontech manifolds were used for all four corners
EAI 5 switch box was used to control all for corners.
Dual Viair 400c compressors
2 Parker water traps
UA bags for the front
Bagyards rear shock and bag assembly. 

Then a false floor was created using 2x6 boards. The tank was then painted custom pink to match the wheels and roof that was already painted.
2 40 amp relays were used for each compressors and all wires are tucked away cleanly as well as the airlines.
The false floor was then cut to fit over the tank and covered in blue suede.
The car still need a c-notch to the frame to get the front end lower but the over all project turned out great.
Thanks Kelly for letting me get my hands on this one.

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