Saturday, October 31, 2009

Air bagging a VW MK4 GTI

Here is a bagged mk4 GTI that was just done last week with a list of components and materials that were used.

A lot of ptc fittings used for easy of installation.
Then 1/4" line was used through out set-up except from compressors to tank were 3/8" line was used.
Full Airride Technologies E3 management system
Dual Viair 400c compressors
2  water traps
Masontech Strut bags for the front
Slam Specialties re-5's for the rear
Bilstien rear shocks
a false floor was created using 2x6 boards. The tank was then painted using yellow one shot with the Dorbritz Design logo
all wires are tucked away cleanly as well as the airlines.
The false floor was then cut to fit over the tank and covered in carpet to match the factory set-up.
The over all simplicity and cleanliness of the car is what makes it great looking, understated but functional.
Thanks Nick for the project!

updated picture with new tires

Friday, October 30, 2009

Rescue Jeep®.

Here is a new Jeep JK that I helped a friend with on building the bumpers and side bars. I then took the parts and painted them to match the Jeep, rescue green with airbrushed rivets. The Jeep was finished off with color matched wheels and interior pieces.

Monday, October 19, 2009

SUB enclosures

A little different then most what is out there but here are a few that I have done.

This is a trunk setup that I did including the false floor painted to match and the Air install was done about a year before. The cover for the Airpod was also painted to match.
The box is made of MDF and fiberglass.

The next is a little different. It is a box made to look like a race fuel cell. It was painted silver and airbrushed tig welds and then cleared in satin. It even has a real fuel cap and the speaker leads come out where the braided lines would go.

This is my own personnel setup. I used a vintage style suitcase and painted the textured fabric look over the brown leather using a cheesecloth. Then I made some decals out of postcards that we got when we were in Hawaii. A box is build it side the suitcase using MDF.