Saturday, September 19, 2009

T-Shrits are coming!

For those who might want a shirt, they are coming. Should have them as early as Tuesday.
taking pre-orders for those who want them.
The purple ones are a little more- $22
The white ones -$20
I will have 2 XXL, 10 XL, 6 L, and 2 M in each color.


Wheels-Green windows

Painted silver stone 2 stage paint w/ green windows done in one shot paint.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Engine Covers-Woody

And my own personnel engine cover painted to match. Airbrushing wood grain in the middle to tie the theme in w/ the rest of the car.

Engine Covers-My Fast

A carbon fiber Carbonio intake painted to match the reflex silver engine cover. The carbon fiber was left showing through the "fast" rabbit symbol.

Engine Cover-Classy

In my opinion , the cleanest engine cover. I enjoyed doing this one. It was shaved and painted a factory vanilla color w/silver. I then brushed over the silver with a heavy brush creating the brushed aluminum effect.

Engine Cover-Honeycomb

One of the very first ones that I did that truly had the theme of the car represented underneath the hood. Kosal came up w/ the idea and I got to lay it out. Using copper and gold tones it worked really well w/ the black base.

Engine Cover-Industrial Diesel

This one is truly got the industrial feel that the TDI posses w/ a heavy machined feel and rivets. Fits nicely w/ Chris's Jetta diesel.

Engine cover-Road Kill

Here are a few engine covers that I have done over the years. Most of them have a little creative twist. In most cases you have to see the car to appreciate the design.

This one was done most recently for my buddy Mike. The engine cover had already been painted to match his car but he wanted something to tie it in more. I suggested trying to match his snakeskin leather inserts on his seats. I think it came out really cool and unique.
I started w/ a custom grey metallic base and then used fish net stalkings to achieve the snake skin effect(no, they weren't mine.)
It was then finished off w/ a satin clear and black pinstrip to separate the two half's.

It starts NOW

Well, I figured I would make it easier for me to show some of my work. I felt it was kinda pointless to have a website for what I do. I figured this would be the easiest way to update what I do, got going on, and what my interest are.

Keep an eye for updates in the future of projects are DIY's