Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009, a great year.

I would just like to take time to thank everybody for the support and business that you have given me this last year.  With out your support I could not be doing what I love to do and that is being creative. Thanks again for those who have trusted me with their possessions and given me free reign and allowing me to do my thing. I hope to see 2010 as another growing year in Dorbritz Designs and hope to keep pushing the creative thinking a little bit further.

Merry Christmas!
-Drew Dorbritz
Dorbritz Designs

Monday, November 23, 2009

1965 Ford Econoline Van

I am finally starting a well over due project that has been taking up space in my driveway for the last 3 years. I purchased the van 3 years ago and had great intentions to work on it but never found the time.
I decided to finally start work on it and make it the company van.

Here are a few pictures of how I found the van and the direction I want to go with it.
I'll update as I make progress on it as well. I am hoping to have the body and paint done by March 2010.
Just need to decide white or black wall tires.

List of parts and things to do,
EXTERIOR Body work:

*shave body seems
*shave emblems
*shave mirrors
*fit bumpers tighter to the body
*patch rust spots
*shave license plate mount

EXTERIOR paint work and cosmetic mods:

*gloss black bottom
*silver pinstrip
*purple metallic satin top
*purple gloss flake roof
*1950's Pontiac tail lights
*4"peep mirror

INTERIOR body work:

*cut out rusted floor
*box in rear c-notch
*patch rusted holes

INTERIOR paint work and cosmetic mods: 

*replace floor with sheet metal with dimple die cut outs.
*line sides with aluminum sheet metal w/ bead rolls
*make door panels with aluminum sheet metal and bead rolls
*paint dash gloss purple flake
*Classic Instruments gauges

*1950 Ford woodies steering wheel / painted gloss black.

*paint engine doghouse gloss black with satin metallic purple top.
*Aluminum bomber seat for the front w/ purple flake vinyl cushion inserts

*Aluminum bomber seat for the 2nd row w/ purple flake vinyl cushion inserts
*Aluminum bomber bench seat for 3rd row w/ purple flake cushion inserts


*302 Ford w/ carb.
*c4 transmission
*Ford 9"


*convert front to disc brake
*upgrade to a dual master cylinder
* rebuild rear drum brakes


*Air ride front and rear
* 4 link rear 
* custom Y link w/ A arm and cross-member for the front.

How the Van was found

Some of the clean up

1950 Ford woody steering wheel and Classic Instrument gauges

 started some of the shaving

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Engine Cover- TAXI!!!

This one was painted using a base black with Imola yellow painted checkers. Few other little accents to match are the rear view and air tank as well.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Valve Covers- Gold Bricks

Here is a set of old Cadillac valve covers that were flaked out. I started by using a base gold metallic and then applied several layers of warm beer flake and custard pie flake. once that was set up it was then coated with heavy coats of clear and then a final wet sand with a final coat of clear. The finishing touch was one shot black paint outlining the words "Cadillac".

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Engine Cover-Going Green

Here is a engine cover that is painted in 2 stage sub-lime green with a leaf pattern on the corner. It's for a TDI VW diesel that is running Biofuel.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Air bagging a VW MK4 GTI

Here is a bagged mk4 GTI that was just done last week with a list of components and materials that were used.

A lot of ptc fittings used for easy of installation.
Then 1/4" line was used through out set-up except from compressors to tank were 3/8" line was used.
Full Airride Technologies E3 management system
Dual Viair 400c compressors
2  water traps
Masontech Strut bags for the front
Slam Specialties re-5's for the rear
Bilstien rear shocks
a false floor was created using 2x6 boards. The tank was then painted using yellow one shot with the Dorbritz Design logo
all wires are tucked away cleanly as well as the airlines.
The false floor was then cut to fit over the tank and covered in carpet to match the factory set-up.
The over all simplicity and cleanliness of the car is what makes it great looking, understated but functional.
Thanks Nick for the project!

updated picture with new tires